what it looks like

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 If you look at the side of the mold you can see the out line of what the trailer will look like


Front Mold

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 This is the front mold

front nose mold & back

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Changing the mold

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 the molds had flat sides so I wanted a 2″ rad. that add a lot of work to the mold .this is the top mold roof it show the roof mold rack and slant.

if you have any think to say

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I am try to put up pictures .No luck please if you have any think to say good are bad  please post thank you

Daunting task

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 Do I do the trailers as high end trailers and sell for $10K +like Camp-Inn are ones that I could buy?

The original builder want to make them as a kit to go on what ever frame you had at home. but they has been so many fiberglass teardrops business go under .  The new owner,s at Daun’s Glassic, That  I Contracted to do my fiberglass work and got the molds from has said ” more buyers for a 32 ford are Willy’s than a teardrop  .The cost is cheep tell air Quayle find you are you have a fire and if you don’t buy your supplies   by the truck load.  It cost  a lot to starting a new business in this day is a daunting task  with law suits that why I think the kit will be better . I like to keep a 5 by 8  fiberglass trailer   on a Harbor Freight frame in the $ 38 to  $ 4500 they last a life time a lot to think a bout I see some cheep one for sale at $ 3,200 are so  I wander if  the market would be there

Paid for the molds to day

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Well to-day pick out the molds I want to work with. It’s called the sport grasshopper the main molds are front, 3  tops 7  foot trailer  8.5′ & 10″ and a back and they will build the sides when I decide what frame and axle  I plan to use